User Experience Design

User-centered design for web, desktop, and mobile applications since 1998.


Social Networking
Twine: Connect, Share and Discover
Twine was an interest-based social networking site, and launched to the general public on October 22, 2008. It has since been aquired.

Leveraging smart, semantic web technology, Twine allowed users to explore, share and discover content--and connect with others--around topics tailored to their own personal interests.

Consultations with the User Experience Design team led to design refinements for the then-beta site to improve the experiences around inviting new members, importing contacts, importing bookmarks, and connecting with the community.

Open Source
CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise 5.0 launched in the summer of 2008 with a fine stack of new features, including improved navigation and information design, fancy saved searches, robust page publishing, and an overall updated look and feel. Working with the SFE5.0 design and engineering teams, I researched, designed, and tested a number of innovations in the new 5.0 product prior to release.

Financial Services
H&R Block Tango
H&R Block Tango, the personal tax filing application that pioneers a "do it with me" approach to taxes, launched with integrated point-of-need help, including live, 24/7 chat with personal tax advisors, a new landing and start-up experience, and a completely re-organized toolbar providing improved access and visual treatments of key tools of the application.